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The Commission's success relies on citizens participating - in giving evidence and spreading the word about its recommendations. Please consider getting involved in any of the following ways and becoming a local advocate for the Commission.

The Independent Asylum Commission is a citizens' review of the asylum system and there are number of ways in which you can get involved as an active citizen.

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Find out how to submit evidence and opinion to the Commission here.

Citizens SpeakIndependent asylum commission launches new consultation called citizens speak to give ordinary people a say on sanctuary in the uk.




People's CoMMissions

Want to have your voice heard on the UK's asylum system? The Independent Asylum Commission is inviting you to hold a People's Commissions in your local area. This is an opportunity to make sure that your opinions are listened to on one of the UK's most controversial topics.

A People's Commission is similar to a citizens' jury where a group of people meet together to discuss and debate an issue, in this case the UK's asylum system, and then make recommendations about the principles and values that should determine how those seeking sanctuary in the UK should be treated.

Recommendations made at People's Commissions across the UK will influence the Commissioners’ final recommendations to Ministers and political parties in Summer 2008.  They are simple to organize and give ordinary citizens a real say on one of the most controversial issues in British politics.  To find out more about holding a People’s Commission send an email to

Become a Local Advocate for the Commission

The Independent Asylum Commission needs YOU! We need to spread the word about the Commission and its work to citizens, MPs and local and national newspapers. Please use the simple templates in our Local Advocate Resource Pack to send letters to your local newspapers and MP. You could also write an article or letter for your local parish magazine, community newsletter or any other publication, encouraging citizens to take part in the enquiry. You can download the pack here.

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