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How will the Commission make a difference?

How will the Commission make a difference?

The Independent Asylum Commission will not just be another report that is published and then gathers dust.

It is a once in a decade opportunity to make a difference. The number of asylum seekers has dropped dramatically in recent years and is now at its lowest level since 1993. The Immigration and Nationality Directorate is being reformed and asylum claims are about to be dealt with in a different way. The media has switched some of its attention to immigration rather than asylum. The two main political parties are reviewing their policies and there will be at least one new prime minister in the next few years.

That means it is a time of incredible opportunity.

And because it is so timely, all three of the main political parties have agreed to engage with the Commission and its work, and it was warmly welcomed in a recent debate in the House of Lords. You can read the debate here

But the Commission will only succeed if its recommendations are adopted and implemented by those who make the decisions. And that requires citizens across the UK to participate in the work of the IAC and then to help inform their reps, local media and fellow citizens of its findings. If you are interested in helping make the IAC more effective: Get involved.

" I look forward to the work of the Independent Asylum Commission. This is a vital area of public policy and it is important that independent evidence is collected to inform and influence the politicians who make the decisions."
Damian Green MP, Shadow Minister for Immigration, Conservative

" I welcome the work that the Independent Asylum Commission is planning to do. It is important that the asylum system in Britain upholds its proud record of granting safe refuge to those fleeing persecution. Any fresh thinking on how to deal with these problems is worthy of our consideration."
Nick Clegg MP, Home Affairs Spokesman, Liberal Democrats

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