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Your questions answered

What is the Independent Asylum Commission?

Concerned citizens across the country have asked our team of commissioners to conduct a truly independent review of the UK asylum system from beginning to end. After eighteen months we will produce a report that will produce recommendations for reform.

What is the premise of the Commission?

The Commission begins its investigation from the principle that the UK asylum system should be fair, just and consistent with the UK’s human rights obligations.

What are the Commission’s terms of reference?

The overarching aim of the Commission is to conduct an independent review of the UK asylum system and make recommendations to inform the policies of the political parties in advance of the next general election.
You can download the full terms of reference here.

What will the Commission not be investigating?

The Commission will focus entirely on the asylum system in the UK. It will not investigate the basic concept of asylum, the reform of the 1951 Convention, asylum and refugee issues outside of the UK (except for the purpose of comparison with the UK system) nor issues of economic migration and other immigration matters.

Who are the Commissioners?

The Commissioners are people selected for their intellect, impartiality, and calibre from a diverse number of fields, including law, politics, academia and the churches. Sir John Waite and Ifath Nawaz chair the Commission. You can download a full list of Commissioners here.

How will the Commission collect its evidence?

The Commission will gather information by holding public hearings across the country, issuing a call for evidence and by undertaking original research.

Who is the Commission accountable to?

The Commission is accountable to citizens across the UK. The Commission is directly accountable to the Citizen Organising Foundation. Find out how the Commission can become accountable to your organisation here.

Who funds the Independent Asylum Commission?

The Commission is completely independent of both government and the refugee sector. It is funded entirely by charitable trusts. The Commission is grateful to the MB Reckitt Trust, the Bromley Trust, the Waterside Trust and Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

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